Homes For The Future

Homes For The Future Through Designs For Today

Our landscape is the perfect canvas – we live in a beautiful part of the world. We work with our clients on planning a projects that will be sustainable - providing warmth and comfort. A cost effective design maximising light, aspect and breeze along with resources and building materials from local suppliers and contractors is important to us. We work closely with local draftsman, architects and designers to maximise the effect of these products. 

Living in the Northern Rivers we are dedicated to maintaining the beauty of the North Coast. Our business has a commitment along with our suppliers and contractors to strive to keep sustainability our focus on all our projects – be it small or large.

For us this means

  • Environmental
  • Site preparations – minimising soil removal and the impacts on our environment and wildlife
  • Material and selections – our selection of materials is important to us along with minimising waste, appropriate storage, controlled waste and recycling.
  • Practical simple solutions with quality tradesmanship
  • Projects – energy efficiency, reducing water usage, resource efficiency and minimising wastage